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LaserShip to Sponsor EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute’s 3rd Annual 5K Grind: Run for Re-Entry

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We will participate in EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute’s 3rd Annual 5K Grind: Run for Re-Entry as a Forefront Sponsor. The $2,500 contribution supports citizens returning from incarceration and their right for fair and equal futures. The third annual event takes place this Sunday, Oct. 28 in Cleveland, Ohio.

“EDWINS is fortunate to have the support of LaserShip for our 5K Grind. This is our 3rd Annual Run for Re-entry and we are going to have the toughest race in Cleveland,” says Brandon E. Chrostowski, founder and president of EDWINS. “Not only will this event raise awareness for re-entry issues, but the difficulty of the course reflects the challenges that returning citizens face every day. LaserShip’s sponsorship shows returning citizens that they are truly cared for by their community.”

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute is a non-profit organization that gives formerly incarcerated adults a foundation in the culinary and hospitality industry while providing support needed for long-term success. The organization’s mission is to teach a skilled trade in the culinary arts, empower a passion for hospitality management and prepare its students for a successful transition. In 2016, LaserShip celebrated 30 years of service by donating $5,000 to EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. Chrostowski was nominated for CNN’s Hero of the Year award in 2016.

“EDWINS is an incredible organization that not only helps provide the support returning citizens need, but also sheds light on the importance of giving people a second chance,” says Blake Averill, CEO of LaserShip. “We are incredibly excited to be supporting this event and the organization’s mission.”

The 5K, presented in partnership with Running Forward and Giving Back, begins at 10 a.m. EDT at Shaker Square. To learn more about EDWINS or to register for the event, visit