Faster Delivery Every Day of the Week

OnTrac now delivers all seven days of the week to over 75% of our service area! Reach your customers up to 2 days faster. And, without any additional fees!

OnTrac delivery arriving on Sunday.

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No Extra Charges for Weekend Delivery

Take the OnTrac Ground fast lane from the Garden State to Golden State (and many places between) without breaking the bank, and stand out from your competitors.

OnTrac transit day advantage over national carriers.

Connecting Leading Retailers and Shippers to Their Customers with Proven, Industry-Leading Last-Mile Delivery.

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1.9 day reduction in delivery time to customers


10-35% savings over national carriers


98%+ average on-time delivery performance

OnTrac 7-day delivery advantage comparison

Reach Your Customers Up to 2 Days Faster

The weekend delivery service helps retailers reach their customers every day of the week with faster, reliable e-commerce parcel delivery up to 2 days faster than other carriers. Find out how faster delivery can win customers and build brand loyalty.

OnTrac vs. the Alternatives

Benefits OnTrac National Carriers Regional Carriers
Faster delivery that meets customers’ expectations and builds brand loyalty
Reliable on-time performance
Reach over 70% of the U.S. population in 35 states and Washington D.C.
10-35% cost savings to help retailers protect their margins
Increased supply chain flexibility
Dedicated account manager support that prioritizes your goals over short-term profits
Visual Proof of Delivery (VPOD) when package is delivered
Delivery every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, at no extra charge

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