Additional Terms & Conditions

Billable Weight

OnTrac shall charge the greater of the manifested or audited: (i) dimensional weight; or (ii) actual weight (the “Billable Rate”).

Delivery Attempts

There will be up to three (3) Package delivery attempts but a Package will be charged its base Rates and applicable Surcharges only once. If delivery cannot be completed within the three (3) attempts, the Package will be returned per the Package Return Guidelines listed below.

Dimensional Weight and Billable Weight

Dimensional Weight reflects Package density or the amount of space a Package occupies compared to its actual weight. Dimensional Weight is calculated by:

  1. Determining the Package measurement in inches. For each measurement, start at the longest point and rounding each fractional measurement to the nearest whole number.
  2. Multiplying the Package length (e. longest side of the Package) by its width and by its height at their most extreme points. The result is the cubic size of the Package in inches. If the Package has a bulge or is irregularly shaped, you must include the bulge or irregular aspects of the Package.
  3. Dividing the cubic size of the Package in inches by a dim divisor of 139. Any fraction of the Dimensional Weight will be increased and rounded to the next whole pound. The result is the Dimensional Weight in pounds (“Dimensional Weight”).

Keeping Software Current

Keeping software current helps OnTrac provide the best service possible. OnTrac notifies Shippers (or third-parties acting on their behalf) when the Shipper’s software or add-on modules are out of date. Failure to update software can create issues, many of which result in delivery errors, delays, additional delivery fees and/or surcharges. The Shipper will be responsible for all applicable charges caused by outdated software.

Package Return Guidelines

A Package will be returned and billed to Shipper at the full delivery rate when the Package is: (1) refused by the recipient; (2) damaged; or (3) undeliverable.
In OnTrac’s sole discretion, refused, damaged, or undeliverable Shipments may also be: (1) aggregated on a weekly basis and returned to Shipper via a third-party carrier at Shipper’s sole cost using an account number of Shipper’s choice; or (2) discarded by OnTrac. Perishable Shipments may also be discarded by OnTrac in its sole discretion.

Pick-up and Delivery Services

OnTrac picks up Shipper’s freight Monday through Friday. OnTrac provides its Services Monday through Friday.

**OnTrac may offer pickups and Services on Saturday and Sunday in certain geographic areas, subject to change without notice and in OnTrac’s sole discretion.


All Packages are subject to screening as per applicable law.

Service Area

The Shipper may request a current list of zip codes serviceable by OnTrac (“Service Area”). OnTrac’s Service area is subject to modification (or deactivation) in its sole discretion.

Shipment Claims

All claims related to Shipments or delivery must be submitted by the shipper of the Packages. If you are the recipient of a Shipment, please contact the company that shipped you the Package to arrange a replacement or refund.

All claims related to Shipments must be handled through the OnTrac Claims Management Department at and not its Accounts Receivable Department. The Shipper must provide OnTrac with the invoice that outlines the actual replacement cost for the contents of the Package being claimed. It is the responsibility of Shipper to complete the OnTrac claim form and attach all supporting documentation found here.


OnTrac will not accept liability for service or claims when the Shipper has authorized OnTrac to leave a Package without obtaining a delivery signature.

Shipment Data & Software

OnTrac assumes no liability for Packages tendered by Shipper before the applicable manifest data is received (or without manifest data). OnTrac further assumes no liability to for Shipper’s unauthorized or incorrect use of our application program interface (“API”). All Shippers utilizing 3rd-party and custom shipping software solutions are responsible for following our API Terms of Use and manifesting each shipping label with a unique OnTrac tracking number.

Size Restrictions/Unauthorized Packages

A Package exceeds size restrictions when : (1) any one dimension exceeds 42″; (2) the total size of the Package exceeds 10,000 cubic inches; or (3) Billable Weight of a Package exceeds 50 pounds (the “Package Size Restrictions”) . Packages that exceed the package size restrictions shall incur additional charges including (without limitation) an Unauthorized Package Surcharge, Over the Max Limit Surcharge, Additional Handling Surcharge and a Large Package Surcharge**

** If a Shipper’s written agreement with OnTrac contains fixed Rates in excess of 50 lbs., then the Rates contained within the Shipper’s agreement for such Packages shall continue to apply.

**If Shipper’s account with OnTrac: (1) was created on or before March 25, 2023; and (2) enumerates fixed Rates in excess of 50 lbs., then the fixed Rates enumerated in Shipper’s account for such Packages shall continue to apply.

Transit Days and Delivery Commitment Times

ONTRAC DOES NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY BY A SPECIFIC DAY OR TIME. Transit days and delivery estimates for OnTrac Services may vary based upon the origin and destination of the Shipment.