Customized, Turnkey, Dependable Time-Sensitive Delivery

City-to-city or across the globe, your critical shipments and logistics are managed by our team of experts who work 24/7 to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Passenger carrying OnTrac package

30+ Years of Saving the Day for Our Customers with Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Critical  Monitoring

Critical Monitoring

Automatic milestone update alerts | Email proof of delivery | Customizable alerts | Real-time visibility
Routing Technology

Routing Technology

We analyze the best routes to meet critical time requirements

Flight Status

Lifeguard Flight Status

Air traffic control medical delivery alert | Priority departures and arrivals | Priority runway position and expedited off loads

Customer Care

Always a Live Voice

Always a live voice 24/7/365 | Experienced team of medical coordinators

Medical Delivery Specialists

Medical Delivery Specialist

20+ years of medical delivery expertise | OPO, blood, and tissue client references available

 Full Visibility

Full Visibility

Domestic air and ground | Same-day delivery | Next flight out service | On board courier | Charter Service

The Industries We Serve

OnTrac Global Critical Delivery Contracted Driver


Blood & Tissue Banks, OPO's, Diagnostics Laboratories, and Clinical Trials


AOG, Loan & Borrow, and Heavy Check

Automotive & Industrial

Parts and Inventory Replenishment

Customized Solutions, Global Capabilities

OnTrac Global Critical Delivery currently offers solutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and select destinations in South America and the Middle East.

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