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LaserShip donates water to Flint water crisis

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Last Friday, we donated and delivered 6,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan last Friday in order to aid in the Flint water crisis. When we acquired Prestige Delivery Systems in 2014, our footprint expanded into the Midwest to include a facility located in Clio, only 15 miles away from Flint.

“We have deep roots in the local community, therefore we have a responsibility to support our team, their families and all those affected by the water crisis. We are dedicated to helping the people and the communities we serve,” said Josh Dinneen, Senior Vice President for LaserShip.

“We’ve been delivering water that our customers have been donating to local churches as well as the Food Bank for several weeks, so I’m glad we can take part in lending a helping hand to the community since our facility is so close to the crisis. We’ve probably made deliveries directly to the homes of many of the people who have been affected by the water crisis, so it’s our responsibility to use our resources to deliver something the community needs,” said Matt Korpi, Manager at LaserShip’s facility in Clio.

Matt personally delivered 6,000 bottles of water on behalf of LaserShip last Friday.

To donate to the Flint water crisis, please call the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan at 810.239.4441 to schedule a water drop-off. You can also visit to donate to their Flint Response Fund, where 100% of contributions go to the procurement and distribution of water to Flint residents.