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Setting Up a Free Account

How do I set up an account?
Call our Customer Care department at 800.334.5000 or simply click Open a Free Account.

What information is required to set up an account?
To assist in determining the type of service that best suits your needs, please have the following information ready:
  • Billing address
  • Pickup information
  • Billing contact name and phone number
  • Pickup contact name and phone number
  • Approximate number of packages per month to be shipped
What should I do if I forget my account number?
Please contact Customer Care for assistance at 800.334.5000.

Products and Services

What is your service area?

We deliver to every address in California, and the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Please refer to the "ZIP Code Lookup" feature on the yellow left-hand navigation bar for the delivery times for the ZIP Codes in each state.

What are your service levels and delivery times?
  • Sunrise Service - Delivered by 10:30am; Saturday delivery by 2pm.
  • Sunrise Gold Service - Delivered by 8am; Saturday delivery by 12pm.
  • OnTrac Ground Service - Next-day and 2-day delivery by end of business day; Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.
  • Palletized Freight Service - Delivered by 5pm, Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.
  • DirectPost by OnTrac - USPS last-mile delivery; OnTrac Ground transit days, plus one. Call 844.683.7678 for more information.

Please refer to our ZIP Code Guide for delivery guarantee times for specific cities.

How can I get a rate quote?
Call the Customer Care Department at 800.334.5000 or click Rates on our home page.

Can I request a delivery signature for my package? Is there a charge?
Yes, simply check the "signature required" box on your shipping waybill or in WebOnTrac. There is no charge for a signature obtained at a commercial address. If the signature is obtained at a residential address, a fee applies.

Does OnTrac provide a C.O.D. service?
Yes. Our C.O.D. service guarantees the collection of funds, in any form other than cash. You may select either Secure Payment (money order or certified check) or Unsecured Payment (company check or personal check). Please check the C.O.D. box on the waybill or in WebOnTrac and specify the dollar amount and type of payment to be collected.

For more information on our C.O.D. policy, please see our terms and conditions.

How do I get shipping software supplies?
You can order supplies online or call 877.225.6837. We provide FREE WebOnTrac plastic sleeves and labels for Zebra and Eltron printers.

Pickup and Delivery

How do I schedule a pickup?
There are two easy ways to schedule pickup: What are your requirements for daily pickup?
There are no requirements for a daily scheduled pickup. If you invoice less than $100 per week a fee applies. If you invoice more than $100 per week the daily scheduled pickup is free of charge. You’ll be scheduled in a 45-minute pickup window that best suits your needs (as late as 7pm in most areas).

Can I reroute a shipment before it has been delivered? Is there an extra charge?
Yes, packages can be rerouted to a new delivery address prior to delivery. There may be a delay in the delivery and a nominal fee may be assessed.

What is the maximum size package I can send?

Any one dimension of your shipment needs to be less than 72", and the length and girth combined cannot exceed 130". Any package that exceeds 130" will be subject to a Large Package Surcharge.

OnTrac will accept individual packages weighing up to 150 lbs. In addition to our Sunrise, Gold and Ground services, we provide a Palletized Freight Service for palletized shipments. There is an 1,800 lbs weight limit for our Palletized Freight Service.

Please refer to our Rates page for a rate quote on any of our services.

How late can I drop off a package?
Please refer to our list of drop-off locations for individual times.

How late can I schedule a pickup?
Times vary by location; please call the Customer Care Department for specific pickup times in your area at 800.334.5000 or refer to the ZIP Code Guide.

How do I address and prepare a package for shipment?
Check our page on Preparing a Package for helpful, detailed information.

What is your holiday schedule?
We are closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Day

Please refer to our Holiday Hours for more details.

Do you pick up on weekends?
It is not a part of our standard service to pick up on weekends, but some special arrangements can be made. Please call the Customer Care Department at 800.334.5000.

Can I pick up my package at one of your offices?
Yes. Please call the Customer Care Department at 800.334.5000 to make arrangements in advance.

What documentation is required to ship?
We require the use of an OnTrac waybill or a label generated from WebOnTrac, our online shipping system. Each package is assigned a tracking number, which will allow your package to be tracked through our system.

Customer Care Department

What are your Customer Care call center hours of operations?
You can reach a Customer Care Associate at 800.334.5000 between 6:00am - Midnight PST Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

How do I order supplies, and what will I receive?
You may order supplies online or by calling Customer Care at 800.334.5000. You will receive a three-month supply per order.

Will you contact me if there is a problem with my package?
In the event of a problem with a delivery, every attempt will be made to contact either the shipper or receiver in order to resolve the issue.

WebOnTrac Online Shipping

What is WebOnTrac?
WebOnTrac is our online shipping system. You can print waybills, maintain an address book, print shipping reports and much more. It's an easy and convenient way to prepare your packages for shipment.

Click here for more details.

How do I set up my account to use WebOnTrac?
You can click Ship a Package in the yellow bar, or you can call the Software Support Desk at 877.225.6837, and a representative will set up your user name and password.

How can I import my addresses into WebOnTrac?
The Software Support Desk can import your addresses into your account. Simply email your address database file to softwaresupport@ontrac.com and we will convert the data and put it in your account.

Do I need to schedule a pickup after I've printed a waybill?
If you do not have a regularly scheduled pickup, you can click on Schedule a Pickup, call Customer Care at 800.334.5000, or you may drop off your shipment at one of our many Drop Box locations.

Can I cancel a pickup online?
If you need to cancel a pickup, please call Customer Care at 800.334.5000.

Drop Boxes

How can I use an OnTrac Drop Box?
Any customer with an established account may use any of our conveniently located drop boxes.

Does the Drop Box contain supplies?
No, customers use their own envelopes and shipping materials.

What do the Drop Boxes look like?
Our Drop Boxes are solid white, with our logo and blue lettering on the sides.

What size package will fit?
The opening is 5 inches by 22 inches. Some Drop Boxes have special openings on the rear to accept larger tubes and architectural plans.

How can I find a Drop Box near me?
You can search our website for locations on our Drop Box page.

Can I suggest a new Drop Box location?
Please send us an email with your proposed location.

Do I pay a pickup fee when I use a Drop Box?
No, the pickup charge does not apply when using a drop box. Your package will be picked up after the posted pickup time on each drop box and delivered the next day.

Billing and Payments

I did not receive my invoice. What do I do?
OnTrac offers PDF invoicing. To switch from paper to PDF, or to request a copy of a current invoice, please email the billing department or call 877.227.5139.

How can I find out my account balance?
Please call 877.227.5139 for billing assistance.

How do I read my invoice?
Please call 877.227.5139 for billing assistance.

How often do you bill and what are your payment terms?
All invoices are generated on a weekly basis. Payment is due upon receipt.

What is an "on-call" fee?
An on-call fee is assessed to all non-daily scheduled pickup customers. This fee is also assessed to all third-party pickups. You will not be charged this fee if you put your package in one of our many Drop Boxes.

Where do I send my payments?
All payments should be mailed to the following address:

P.O. BOX 841664
Los Angeles, CA 90084-1664

How do I request credit for a late shipment?
All requests for shipment charge credits for a delayed or late shipment must be submitted in writing to OnTrac within 15 days of your invoice date. Please direct all requests for shipping credits to the Billing Department, at 877.227.5139.

How do I file a claim for a lost or damaged shipment?
All claims regarding loss or damage to any shipment must be submitted in writing to OnTrac within 30 days of delivery of the shipment. Please direct all claims for loss or damage to the Claims Department, located at:

Attn: Claims
2501 S. Price Road, Suite 201
Chandler, AZ 85286

Important Phone Numbers & Links

Customer Care Department: 800.334.5000
WebOnTrac Support Desk: 877.225.6837
Billing: 877.227.5139

ZIP Code Guide
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