We’ve Expanded to Tennessee!

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The new branches in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville will create hundreds of jobs and reach almost 4 million new consumers

We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded to Tennessee to help our retail partners build flexible, more resilient supply chains that meet consumer expectations with faster, reliable, and more affordable delivery. We recently opened our first-ever branches in the state in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville, which started making deliveries in early May.

Our growth into Tennessee is part of our broader expansion that increases our delivery coverage by nearly 18% to reach an additional 979 new zip codes across 16 states. In Tennessee specifically, the new branches will have a major local impact by facilitating deliveries to nearly 2 million new consumers. Over the next few years, we’ll also be creating hundreds of new jobs at the three facilities to help meet local delivery demand and boost economic growth across the regions.

With the e-commerce surge caused by the pandemic, there’s no better time for us to expand to Tennessee. Over the last year, retailers have been squeezed by trying to balance soaring volumes and consumer demands against higher delivery costs and capacity constraints imposed by national carriers.

Our Tennessee expansion enables consumers to take advantage of the benefits of our proprietary delivery platform, including the Visual Proof of Delivery (vPOD) service. vPOD improves visibility and transparency by providing consumers with a photo confirmation with virtual time stamp when packages have been delivered.

We’re thrilled to open in the Volunteer State, and we look forward to welcoming more team members to the LaserShip family and growing our involvement in the local communities.

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