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Overnight Delivery in Washington

Evergreen State, Meet Fast & Affordable Shipping.

If you’re shipping throughout the West Coast from Seattle, OnTrac is your solution for regional time-critical delivery. OnTrac offers next-day and two-day delivery options to and from the Evergreen State. By choosing OnTrac, you could be saving up to 40% off your shipping bill—and even better, your shipments will arrive faster. With so many services to choose from, we have your regional delivery needs covered. For overnight delivery to and from Washington, you can’t find a faster shipping service!

OnTrac from Seattle, WA

Want Options? We've Got Them.

Whether you need a package delivered tomorrow morning, or savings are more your focus, we have you covered. OnTrac has many options to help you meet the demands of your business with standard next-day package delivery by 10:30am with our Sunrise Service. If you are in a hurry, OnTrac can get your package to its destination with next-day delivery times as early as 8am with our priority overnight service, Sunrise Gold.

Gain the competitive edge with next-day delivery at ground rates! OnTrac Ground Shipping offers fast and affordable next-day and 2-day ground delivery anywhere within the Western United States* Get guaranteed next-day delivery by the end of the business day. Shipments that normally take 3-5 business days through national carriers are now guaranteed next day or 2-day with reliable, fast ground shipping in Washington with OnTrac.

*Transit days and times vary and are based upon originating and destination ZIP Codes.

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The OnTrac Ground Advantage

Great Service Without All the Extra Fees

Fees and surcharges can represent a large portion of your shipping bill with national carriers. OnTrac keeps costs in check by implementing fewer fess and lower surcharges. See our Ground Service fee comparison.

Expedited & Ground Services Surcharges OnTrac National Carriers
Additional Handling $11.00 $12.00
Address Correction $13.50 $15.90
C.O.D. $12.00 $13.50
Daily Pickups with $100 Weekly Invoice FREE $13.50
Declared Value Minimum Charge $0.95 $3.00
Declared Value per $100 $0.95 $1.00
Dimensional Weight Factor (greater is better) 166 139
Invalid, Missing, or No Account Number $13.40 $15.90
Large Package Surcharge / Oversize Fee $80.00 $80.00
On-Call Pickup Fee $5.50 $6.90
Signature Required - Adult / No Release $3.65 $5.75
Signature Required - Commercial FREE $4.75
Signature Required - Residential $3.50 $4.75
Expedited Services (8:00am & 10:30am package delivery) OnTrac National Carriers
Delivery Area Surcharge $2.45 $2.70 - $4.05
Residential Delivery Fee $2.05 $4.15
Extended Area Surcharge $3.50 $2.70 - $4.45
Ground Services (End-of-Day package delivery) OnTrac National Carriers
Delivery Area Surcharge $2.45 $2.55 - $4.00
Residential Delivery Fee $2.05 $3.60 - $4.15
Extended Area Surcharge $3.50 $2.55 - $4.45

*Based on published information as of 12/01/17.  National Carrier charges based on highest published or most competitive fee between leading National Carriers.  Other surcharges and fees may apply.  Subject to change without notice.

Go Green with OnTrac

Go Blue and Go Green, All in One.

At OnTrac, we care about more than just shipping. That's why we have taken strides to go green by reducing emissions on our fleet of vehicles, optimizing driver routes, and much more! Plus, without all the additional fees you get from the national carriers, there is more green in your pocket, too.

OnTrac is your solution for overnight delivery in Washington. Save a transit day, and enjoy fewer fees and lower surcharges. Go OnTrac!

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