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OnTrac Money-Back Service Guarantee

OnTrac is committed to providing superior pickup and delivery services-every shipment, every time. In the event of a service failure, OnTrac will, at its option, either credit or refund the transportation charges to the payee, upon request, provided the OnTrac Service Guarantee Conditions are met. Transportation charges do not include accessorial fees or charges that may be assessed by OnTrac including, but not limited to, fuel surcharge.

OnTrac Money-Back Service Guarantee Conditions

The OnTrac Money-Back Service Guarantee does not apply to:

  • DirectPost Shipments.
  • Shipments with an incorrect address, or whose consignee is unavailable, or has refused to accept the delivery.
  • Sunrise shipments delivered up to 60 minutes—120 minutes for residences and retail stores—after the standard Service Commitment Time for the delivery ZIP Code as published on ontrac.com.
  • OnTrac Ground shipments delivered on the standard scheduled delivery day.
  • Delays from conditions we cannot control, including local or national disruptions to the OnTrac system or network, including, but not limited to mechanical delays. Other uncontrollable events include acts of God, pandemics, perils of the air, land, and sea; airline delays; weather conditions; acts of public enemies or terrorists; war; strikes; civil commotion; or acts or omissions of public authorities, including Department of Agriculture, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Transportation, Power & Energy Systems, any local, state and or federal law enforcement agency, and customs and health officials with actual or apparent authority.
  • Shipments returned to the sender.
  • Shipments that require additional handling, including those subject to the Additional Handling Fee, Large Package Surcharge, Unauthorized Package Surcharge, or that exceed size or weight limits.
  • Pallets tendered without prior approval.
  • Packages tendered to OnTrac by someone other than the shipper.
  • Shipments containing plants or plant materials that may be delayed by state or federal authorities for inspection.
  • Shipments tendered to OnTrac during the year-end holiday season. Please see our Peak Season Service Guarantee for more information.
  • Shipments tendered to OnTrac on weekends, holidays, after available pickup times or outside regular operating hours.

To submit a Service Guarantee Refund Request, please email a spreadsheet or comma-delimited file to gsrequest@ontrac.com with the following information:

  • OnTrac Account Number
  • OnTrac Invoice Number
  • OnTrac Tracking Number
  • Transportation Charges

Please direct all Service Guarantee Request questions to gsrequest@ontrac.com.

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