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DirectPost® by OnTrac

Fast and affordable delivery for high-volume shippers.

Call 844-OT-DPost (844.683.7678) Today!

OnTrac DirectPost combines the speed of OnTrac Ground with the last-mile delivery network of the U.S. Postal Service. Shipments bypass many of the traditional steps in the USPS mailstream and are injected directly into local destination USPS facilities, giving your customers faster access and guaranteed delivery to the USPS without the additional cost of Ground delivery. OnTrac picks up the package and the Post Office delivers it – faster.

E-Retailers, Fulfillment and Direct Mail companies that ship lightweight packages can access thousands of postal facilities throughout our 8-state service area through DirectPost. Our optimized regional network gives us the ability to route shipments into the USPS mailstream faster and with less handling. Plus, end-to-end tracking capabilities means you know exactly when your shipment will arrive.

DirectPost Features:

  • Dock-to-doorstep pickup and delivery through USPS Workshare partnership.
  • Focused on USPS Parcel Select and Parcel Select Lightweight.
  • Guaranteed delivery to a destination USPS facility via OnTrac Ground.
  • Transit days one day greater than OnTrac Ground (see OnTrac Ground transit maps).
  • Designed for parcels that are less than 1lb., and no larger than 24"x17"x17".
  • Scans at delivery milestones for full end-to-end tracking details on ontrac.com or usps.com.
  • No Residential Delivery Fee.
  • No Delivery Area Surcharge.
  • No Extended Delivery Area Surcharge.
  • $100 liability coverage for every shipment.
  • Coverage to every residential address within the OnTrac service area, including P.O. boxes, APO, FPO and DPO destinations.
  • Getting started with OnTrac DirectPost:

    For more information, please complete the following form or call 844-OT-DPost (844.683.7678).

    *DirectPost may be subject to additional terms and conditions.


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