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OnTrac Logistics Network logo Are you looking to expand your transportation business or do you want to start a parcel delivery business? As a result of steady growth, OnTrac needs to increase the number of local pickup and delivery companies we contract with to provide services for OnTrac customers.

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Types of OnTrac Business Opportunities

OnTrac Regional Service Provider

RSP (Regional Service Provider)

Regional Service Providers (RSPs) are local or regional parcel delivery businesses that contract with OnTrac to provide pickup and delivery services arranged by OnTrac for business and residential customers. Regional contracts are generally awarded to RSPs following an open bid process. Regions consist of multiple smaller service areas.

To partner with OnTrac as a Regional Service Provider you must:

  • Contract as an independent business.
  • Provide all equipment and personnel.
  • Cover all business-related expenses.

OnTrac does not hire drivers, but OnTrac will be happy to connect driver applicants to the local companies we contract with that do hire drivers.

OnTrac linehaul

Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul Services

Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul companies transport truck load (“TL”) shipments between warehouse and distribution facilities. TL service companies provide their own tractors and haul trailers provided by OnTrac via a Trailer Interchange Agreement governed by the DOT (FMCSA) regulations.

  • Linehaul providers are responsible for providing all equipment (other than trailers) and personnel necessary to perform the contracted service, and for all costs involved in operating their business.
  • All drivers supplied by Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul companies must meet all DOT requirements, including possession of a Class A license and Double Endorsements.

To ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, OnTrac only contracts with service providers operating Class 8, Three Axle, Carb Compliant Vehicles.

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