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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

OnTrac Growth Creates New Contracted Opportunities

OnTrac offers Owner-Operators contracted business opportunities with generous payment plans and multiple incentives. We are looking for:

  • Owner-Operators with straight trucks and cargo vans that are interested in providing local transportation services
  • Owner-Operators for inter and intra-regional line-haul work, with a need for Class A-Licensed and Double-Endorsed Drivers, along with a Class 8, Three Axle, CARB-Compliant Vehicles

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Types of OnTrac Business Opportunities

OnTrac linehaul

RSP (Regional Service Provider)

Regional Service Providers (RSPs) are small transportation businesses that contract with OnTrac to provide regional cartage services arranged by OnTrac for business and residential customers. Regional contracts are generally awarded to RSPs following an open bid process. Regions consist of multiple smaller service areas.

To partner with OnTrac as a Regional Service Provider or Area Service Provider, you must:

  • Contract as an independent contractor/enterprise
  • Provide all equipment and personnel (including delivery vehicles, drivers and helpers)
  • Cover all business-related expenses (including vehicle payments, fuel, taxes, insurance and vehicle maintenance)

OnTrac has no need for employee drivers.

OnTrac linehaul

Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul Contractors

Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul Contractors transport truck load (“TL”) shipments between warehouse and distribution facilities. TL Contractors provide their own tractors and haul trailers provided by OnTrac via a Tractor Interchange Agreement governed by the DOT (FMCSA) regulations.

  • Linehaul Contractors are responsible providing all equipment (other than trailers) and personnel necessary to perform the contracted service (including tractor/power unit, drivers and helpers), and for all costs involved in operating their business (including the cost of the equipment, insurance and personnel)
  • All drivers supplied by Inter/Intra Regional Linehaul Contractors must meet all DOT requirements, including possession of a Class A license and Double Endorsements

To ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, OnTrac only contracts with Contractors operating Class 8, Three Axle, Carb Compliant Vehicles.

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