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Service Updates

OnTrac is committed to providing the competitive advantage through fewer fees, lower surcharges, and excellent customer service. To help keep you informed, we will publish service announcements on this page.

01/07/21: Some Peak Period Surcharges Extended

OnTrac continues to support the flow of critical supplies and goods to homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We experienced a significant surge in demand this holiday season and anticipate that the package volumes and higher operating expenses caused by the virus will continue into the new year.

To provide our customers with the best service, we will extend the following temporary surcharges for all services on a per-piece basis until further notice:

Peak Period Surcharges Surcharge Amount Effective Date
Large Package $31.45 01/17/21 - Until further notice.
Additional Handling $3.00 01/17/21 - Until further notice.
DirectPost $0.30 01/24/21 - Until further notice.

11/22/2020: 2021 Service Rates Announced

Our 2021 OnTrac Ground Service rates will reflect an average increase of 4.9%. Rates and fee changes will go into effect beginning December 27, 2020. Preview the 2021 rates.

Upcoming Changes to Fees & Surcharges

2021 Fees & Surcharges OnTrac National Companies
Delivery Area Surcharge $4.00 $4.70
Residential Delivery Fee $4.25 $4.80
Extended Area Surcharge $5.90 $5.90
Additional Handling - Weight $16.00 $25.50
Additional Handling - Dimensions $16.00 $15.00
Additional Handling - Packaging $16.00 $15.25
Address Correction $18.00 $18.00
C.O.D. $16.50 $16.50
Daily Pickups with $50 Weekly Invoice $33.00 $33.00
Daily Pickups with $75 Weekly Invoice $16.50 $16.50
Daily Pickups with $100 Weekly Invoice FREE $16.50
Declared Value Minimum Charge $1.15 $3.45
Declared Value per $100 $1.15 $1.20
Dimensional Weight Factor (greater is better) 166 139
Invalid, Missing, or No Account Number $18.00 $18.00
Large Package Surcharge / Oversize Fee $105.00 $130.00
Future On-Call Pickup Fee $6.90 $5.90
Saturday Package Delivery $16.00 $16.00
Signature Required - Adult / No Release $6.70 $6.70
Signature Required - Commercial FREE $5.55
Signature Required - Residential $5.55 $5.55
Invalid Refund Request $3.00 $3.00
Unauthorized Package $920.00 $920.00

*Based on published information as of 11/21/20.  National Companies' charges based on highest published or most competitive fee between leading National Delivery Companies.  Other surcharges and fees may apply. Subject to change without notice.

08/24/20: Year-End Peak Period Fees & Surcharges

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive demand for parcel delivery. We've taken aggressive steps to keep the flow of goods and medical supplies going, and are actively preparing for the additional shipping volume that comes with the holiday season.

The year-end peak period requires a short-term change to some of our fees and surcharges. These temporary adjustments help offset increased operating costs and apply to all service levels on a per-piece basis. Peak period surcharges are in addition to our published accessorial fees.

Year-End Peak Period Surcharges Surcharge Amount Effective Date
Large Package $37.50 08/23/20 - 10/31/20
Large Package $50.00 11/01/20 - 01/16/21
Additional Handling $5.00 11/1/20 – 01/16/21
Unauthorized Package $450.00 11/1/20 – 01/16/21
Over 100% of Average Weekly Volume* $0.50 11/15/20 – 01/16/21
Over 150% of Average Weekly Volume* $1.50 11/15/20 – 01/16/21
Over 300% of Average Weekly Volume* $3.00 11/15/20 – 01/16/21
DirectPost $0.40 10/18/20 – 11/14/20
DirectPost $1.00 11/15/20 – 01/16/21

*An account's "average weekly volume" threshold is based on the weekly average number of packages shipped from April 26, 2020, to August 1, 2020.

08/13/20: Peak Period Large Package Surcharge

OnTrac is an essential part of the critical infrastructure sector and directly supports the flow of medical supplies and goods to homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus disease continues to drive demand for package delivery, including items that are large and hard to handle. OnTrac will continue to accept these oversized packages, but they will incur a $37.50 Peak Period surcharge to offset our increased operating costs.

The Peak Period Large Package Surcharge will be applied to a package when its combined length plus girth (2x(width + height)) exceeds 130 inches, or if any single dimension exceeds 72”. This surcharge is in addition to the existing Large Package Surcharge and will take effect on August 23, 2020, until further notice.

Peak Periods take effect when estimated or actual network capacities exceed certain operational thresholds for consecutive days. OnTrac reassesses Peak Periods weekly, and changes take effect on Sunday for the following week.

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