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Service Updates

OnTrac is committed to providing the competitive advantage through fewer fees, lower surcharges, and excellent customer service. To help keep you informed, we will publish service announcements on this page.

08/30/2018: EAS, DAS, Transit Day and Commitment Time Updates

Some of the ZIP Codes we service are less populated and less accessible than others. A Delivery Area Surcharge or Extended Delivery Area Surcharge is assessed to offset the cost of providing service to these ZIP Codes. We have recently updated our DAS and EAS ZIPs, as well as the transit and commitment times to select outlying areas.

Please use the ZIP Code Lookup tool in the left navigation bar to look up DAS, EAS and commitment time information and our ZIPTools for transit and rate zone information.

06/12/2018: Peak Season Surcharges Announced

Peak volume demands will require a short-term adjustment to some of our surcharges. These adjustments will help offset the additional operational and service expenses required during the year-end holiday season.

The per-piece surcharges will be in addition to the published surcharge rates.

  • Additional Handling Peak Surcharge:
    $3.15 in addition to the Additional Handling Surcharge.
  • Large Package Peak Surcharge:
    $26.20 in addition to the Large Package Surcharge.
  • Residential Peak Surcharge:
    $0.28 in addition to the Residential Delivery Surcharge.
  • Unauthorized Package Peak Surcharge:
    $165.00 in addition to the Unauthorized Package Surcharge.

The OnTrac peak season begins November 18, 2018, and ends December 24, 2018.

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