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Shipping Rates

Use this form to quickly get information on shipping rates for your delivery. Please fill out the information completely. To see our standard service rate charts in an easy-to-read PDF format, please review our shipping rate sheet.

Volume shippers, please contact us for a customized rate quote at salesweb@ontrac.com or 800.334.5000.

Originating ZIP Code
Destination ZIP Code
Service Selection
Package Weight (lbs) or
if Letter (up to 8oz.) check here
Dimension Weight in inches
L:     W:    H:
Saturday Delivery?
COD Delivery?
Declared Value $
(maximum $25,000)
Residential Address?
Other surcharges may apply.

*Using OnTrac Ground requires electronic data transmission and a daily scheduled pickup. Please call 800.334.5000 for more information or to set up an account.

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