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Customer Profile Isagenix and OnTrac!

New Year, New You with Isagenix and OnTrac!

young women smilingIsagenix International was founded in March, 2002 with a single goal in mind–they wanted to change the world.

“We wanted to transform people's lives, and we believe we are doing that,” Vice President of Sales, Travis Garza said.

As a company, it's an opportunity for health, wealth, and happiness; a place where you can be your own boss, own your own business and be supported by a multi-million dollar organization.

“You're in business for yourself, but not by yourself, and the goal is simple: to create the healthiest people on the planet, to pay out the most in commissions, and to have some fun along the way,” Garza said.

In the last decade, Isagenix has grown their business by 30% in North America and continues to expand their worldwide market.

“Right now, our primary market is North America,” Garza said. “We focus on the United States and Canada. In fact, 93% of our growth is happening here, but we also have markets in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mexico. So we are looking to expand even more in 2013.”

Isagenix International focuses on the trends and needs of the economy while also catering to weight-loss, healthy aging, performance and wealth of creation—and their success has been evident, not only in expansion of business, but in the victories of their associates as well.

“It's been pretty impressive,” Garza said. “This is not a diet. These are real products experienced by real people. It's life-changing, and you can see that with people who are losing 10, 20, 30 or 100 pounds—that's what's helping this company become so successful.” Isagenix nutritional products

But every successful business needs partners they can rely on; OnTrac is proud to deliver for Isagenix International, offering the company faster time in transit and overnight shipping and delivery throughout our eight-state service area.

“OnTrac has been superb,” Garza said. “Not only have they found out what our needs are, but they make sure we are performing above and beyond our competitors. It is very important for us to partner with companies like OnTrac. When we look at long-lasting relationships, we need to have that type of relationship.”

Their word of mouth business model and the amount of people relying on their products makes it vital for Isagenix to have good vendors–fewer accessorial fees and overnight shipping means it's not only good for the company, but good for the associate.

“We have a saying here at Isagenix, “If it's not good for the associate, it's not good for the company,” Director of Transportation, Joe Lewis said. “With that in mind, we look at OnTrac as being vital to getting our shipments quicker to our associates. We have found that we can cut transit times by one day when we go with OnTrac.”

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