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OnTrac & COVID-19

As part of a critical infrastructure sector, OnTrac continues operations. We're adapting to the ever-changing complexities of the global pandemic, and reassessing our policies and procedures to keep employees, Service Providers, and packages safe.

Safety is our company's #1 value. The well-being of our employees and business partners is paramount to our ability to provide the services you count on, and we want to let you know what we're doing to respond to COVID-19.

adapting to change

Ready for Change

Our network operations teams are well-versed in adapting to changing conditions. We are closely monitoring guidance by official agencies, and are taking proper precautions where warranted.

adapting to change

Following Procedures

We have an Infectious Disease Control Policy, and also activated our Pandemic Preparedness Plan. Both specify frequent cleanings and access to infection-control supplies, e.g., hand-hygiene products, disinfecting wipes, etc., and provide general continuity instructions.

adapting to change

Thinking Ahead

We are currently contracted with leading providers to review, revise, strengthen, and formalize all processes related to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

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Work for OnTrac!

We are using our logistics network and recruiting resources to minimize potential shortages of Package Handlers and Service Providers.

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People First

We have temporarily modified our sick policies to discourage sick employees from coming to work. Our managers will send employees home who report to work with acute respiratory symptoms and will encourage them to seek medical attention as needed.

personal protective equipment

Masks On!

We are procuring and distributing personal protective equipment as it becomes available, but not all counties require PPE for delivery services. We are working with our Regional Service Providers (RSPs) in the areas with PPE requirements, either by supplying them with the PPE or connecting them with resources for temporary home-made solutions until they secure supplies for their driver teams.

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Clean and Tidy

Facilities already make routine cleanings a regular part of their day, but we've contracted additional janitorial and sanitation services to help disinfect our facilities. We continue to share information about the virus to our team members, and are actively developing ways to promote good hygiene and a clean workplace.

OnTrac temperature checks

Temperature Checks

OnTrac Employees and contractors are checking their temperatures within two hours before arriving at the OnTrac facility. Each of our buildings have a designated temperature-checking area.

adapting to change

Keeping Our Distance

We have temporarily modified our Signature Required and warehouse sorting processes to encourage physical distancing and prevent cross-contamination. We've reduced the number of sorters inside of trailers, changed time-clock procedures, moved break areas outdoors, and modified environments and job functions to discourage proximity.

covid-19 OnTrac signatures

Changes Signature Required

OnTrac offers two signature confirmation services:

Signature Required -
The shipper has requested that OnTrac obtain a delivery signature from an individual at or near the delivery address.

No Release (Adult Signature) -
The shipper has requested that OnTrac obtain a delivery signature from a consignee that must be at least 18 years of age, present government-issued identification, and be present at the physical address.

Current guidance advises social distancing and regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. We are following the CDC's advice and asked our Service Providers to do the same. To prevent cross-contamination, we have enacted the following changes:

Changes to Signature Required -
The OnTrac Service Provider will ask the recipient for their first initial and last name. They will enter it as the "Printed Name" and will sign for the delivery with "CV19." The recipient will not touch the scanner. If the recipient refuses to provide the information, the delivery cannot proceed. OnTrac will notate the refusal and will return the package to the sender.

Changes to No Release (Adult Signature) -
OnTrac must obtain a signature for No Release shipments. If an adult signature is required, the OnTrac Service Provider will check the government-issued identification and will ask for a signature on a paper manifest. The recipient can use their pen to sign for the delivery.

If a paper manifest is not available, and the Service Provider or recipient refuse to share or sign the scanner, the delivery cannot proceed. The Service Provider will return with a paper manifest. If the recipient refuses to sign, the Service Provider cannot deliver the package. OnTrac will notate the refusal and will return the shipment to the sender.

OnTrac covid same-day on-call

Changes to Same-Day On-Call Pickups

To best prepare our network and support the flow of medical supplies and goods to the Western United States, OnTrac will discontinue same-day on-call pickup requests on Sunday, March 29. This change allows our Service Providers to optimize their routes and deliver the most amount of packages possible during this time of national emergency. This was a planned service adjustment that will help OnTrac enhance our sorting capabilities, but we are accelerating this permanent change in response to COVID-19.

Customers may continue to schedule on-calls for future days or can take advantage of scheduled pickups. Future-day on-call requests and scheduled pickups allow our Service Providers to include them in their routes at the most efficient times possible.

To set up scheduled pickups, please contact Customer Care at webcustomerservice@ontrac.com.

Scheduled pickups are free of charge if the weekly billing total for the invoiced account exceeds $100. If the invoiced account does not meet the minimum, a fee applies. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

adapting to change

Changes to Hold for Pickup

OnTrac can hold deliveries for pickup at the local facility at the request of the shipper or recipient. The recipient must provide government-issued identification at pickup. OnTrac will return the package to the sender if the recipient does not pick up the shipment by the fifth day.

OnTrac covid delivery attempts

Delivery Attempts

Our standard operating procedures for Delivery Attempts remain in effect.

Standard Delivery Attempt Procedures -
The Service Provider will attempt delivery three times. If we cannot reach the shipper for instructions, we will return the package on the fifth day.

Posted COVID-19 Closure Notices -
If the delivery address has posted "closed until further notice," or a date that is more than five days in the future, we will return the package to the sender. We cannot hold packages at the delivery facility indefinitely.

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More Information

For complete details, please see our Terms and Conditions or Contact Us. You can also stay informed by visiting our Service Update page and Service Alert page.

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