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is a privately held software services company founded in 1994. ABOL streamlines the flow of information between customers, shippers and processes.

By supporting high-speed processing and architecture for large volumes, our systems automate the shipping process and manage compliances for all supported carriers. iabol is our flagship product, a web based multi-carrier shipping solution designed to integrate seamlessly with existing business systems and technologies.

Quick and easy implementation as well as centralized management, reporting and scalability makes shipping easy and cost effective. Products are offered for any size business including home office to large enterprises.


Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) is an industry-leading provider of flexible logistics technology solutions for manufacturers, distributors, online retailers, 3PLs and more. ADSI’s solutions include Ship-IT™ multi-carrier shipping software for domestic and export shipping, as well as additional configurable modules for scan-based order packing, dimensioning, shipment consolidation, delivery tracking and more. Founded in 1997, ADSI’s customers include 3000+ installed sites in the U.S., Canada and internationally.

Agile Network

Agile Network is an international organization of logistics integration experts committed to adding value to its customers with best people, products and practices. We offer a deep domain expertise in implementing transportation execution solutions to reduce shipping costs, improve efficiency, while shortening order to delivery cycles. Through the automation of processes from purchase to payment, including multi-carrier rating, routing, shipping, proof of delivery and invoice reconciliation.

Agile is unique in that it offers modules for OnTrac services for all major shipping and manifesting systems. From entry level Kewill systems, to mid-tier ProShip systems to enterprise applications such as ConnectShip and our lead platform, AgileElite.

Creative Logistics Solutions, Inc.

Creative Logistics Solutions, Inc. (CLS) provides integration and installation services for our InfoShip product. InfoShip is our enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping application that can be run in single- or multiple-server environments, which seamlessly integrates with your order entry, enterprise resource planning, and warehouse management systems to ensure all of your custom-defined shipping needs are met. Powered by our InfoShip Server Technology, InfoShip performs thousands of complex tasks in just seconds. By incorporating customer-specific business rules, InfoShip is able to completely automate shipments, increasing speed and accuracy, while minimizing expenses.

Since launching in 1995, we have installed more than 300 InfoShip systems, both in North America, as well as around the world. Our customers range from small, privately held businesses, to global Fortune 500 companies. We have integrated into a wide range of industries, including Electronics, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and we support our customers with 24 x 7 x 365 availability.

CMS GlobalSoft

CMS GlobalSoft is a global supply chain transportation & enterprise shipping systems software solutions provider for world business. Our competitive advantage has always been our strong focus on key business management aspects of our customers' enterprise shipping solutions.

Descartes is the premier provider of Global Trade Compliance, Supply Chain Execution and Mobile Resource Management services. Descartes' Global Logistics Network (GLN) unites global businesses and trading partners, allowing them to collaborate in a cost effective way and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Trading partners that connect to the GLN join Descartes' Federated Network, the world's most extensive multi-modal business network with over 35,000 trading partners connected, including ground carriers, airlines, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, third-party providers of logistics services customs house brokers, freight payment agencies, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, mobile services providers and regulatory agencies.


DesktopShipper’s multi-carrier shipping software allows you to ship orders with real-time integration to your shopping cart and/or order management system. DesktopShipper makes shipping with Ontrac easy by automatically determining when your package’s address falls within Ontrac’s service area. Whether you process in batches or one at a time, DesktopShipper applies your business rules to streamline and automate your shipping.

With over 25 years of in-depth industry knowledge, we analyze your shipping needs and tailor DesktopShipper for your success! Visit our website to get more information on pricing, included support and scheduling a demo.

Digital Shipper Logo

DigitalShipper offers affordable multi-carrier shipping solutions to low, mid and high volume customers. Built on Microsoft.NET technologies, DigitalShipper is one of the most robust and versatile shipping software applications on the market today.

Whether automating your shipping processes using the standard Browser plug-in architecture or through DigitalShipper's SOA-designed Web Services, you can quickly adapt to business changes and solve even the most complicated warehouse problems.

DigitalShipper is easy to integrate with other software applications such as ERP, WMS and TMS systems and includes built-in features for rate shopping, batch shipping, customer preferences, and many more.

EasyPost's Multi-Carrier API offers one seamless API for all carriers. The EasyPost API supports OnTrac, and many other national carriers. EasyPost is a RESTful JSON shipping API and offers supported client libraries in Java, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and .NET.

The EasyPost API provides: Rating, Shipping, Tracking, Address Verification, Customs, and Batch Shipping.

With Enroute’s web-based solutions, businesses are saving up to 30% of their parcel shipping costs while improving shipment quality and carrier reliability. ShipIt! Analytics enables import of customer invoice data into a web-accessible dashboard, first providing businesses immediate insight into the efficiency of their shipping processes. ShipIt! Portal then leverages the data realized in ShipIt! Analytics to deliver an end-to-end shipment execution solution for selecting the right carrier and right service at the point of shipment.

Supporting multiple carriers in a single, web-based solution has permitted customers to eliminate use of their current carrier’s heavy monolithic software program and separate carrier work stations - improving the speed of the shipment process and internal productivity.

Shippo connects ecommerce businesses with multiple carriers within one system. Shippo makes great shipping options, features, and discounted rates accessible to ecommerce businesses of any size. Use Shippo through our RESTful API and full-featured dashboard to access discounted rates, send shipments, track packages, and much more. Learn more about what you can do with Shippo here!

Kewill, a Francisco Partners portfolio company, is a global leader in multimodal transportation management software, providing organizations with a comprehensive end-to-end platform for managing the complexities of transportation, logistics and trade compliance.

The Kewill MOVE™ platform helps companies reduce costs, manage volatility and gain greater visibility across the logistics value chain. Trade, Transport, Store, Comply, Manage and Integrate - the Kewill transportation management platform gives you the insight, agility and tools you need to deliver better customer service and streamline global supply chain execution for strategic advantage. The Kewill platform supports supply chain execution activities for over 7,500 companies in more than 100 countries.

Kewill's parcel solutions automate the shipping process for parcel carriers and LTLs and includes compliance for OnTrac's customers. Businesses including ShopNBC, Dell, Overstock.com, and Ingersoll Rand are only a few customers that use Kewill's Clippership® and Kewill Flagship™ products.

Logicor is a leading provider of multi-carrier compliant shipment execution applications for Parcel, LTL and TL. Our GlobalShip™ web enabled shipping components are built for organizations seeking high performance, enterprise-wide, multi-carrier processing all managed from a centralized server or cluster. This robust suite of products is tightly coupled with our LogiCOM middleware API and business rules engine for seamless integration with WMS, ERP, RF devices or high-speed print & apply. Logicor supports the Windows, Linux and IBM iSeries platforms with WebSphere capability.

Malvern Systems has been a leading provider of multi-carrier shipping software for small parcel and LTL carriers since 1980. Malvern software can be integrated to virtually any host system or database and can manage the most complex business rules using a sophisticated, rules based scripting and integration engine. Malvern software is designed and priced for small to mid-sized shipping operations but Malvern's customers range from fewer than 50 to over 10,000 package per day shippers.

MEI Distribution

Free and totally compliant shipping software with no annual support! We use the carrier’s free software, including OnTrac. You pay a one-time charge for world class integration with your ERP, accounting software, WMS, TMS, etc. and then $99.00 per month per workstation. Why pay for compliance issues to a third party when you can obtain free, self-compliance, shipping systems direct from all the carriers? With no long term contracts our solution is totally scalable. Add a location with a phone call, remove a location with a phone call. Shippers want good integration for their free software, we have it.

Oz Development Logo

Provider of OzLINK. OzLINK is a set of cloud-based solutions that integrate and automate the order management process. OzLINK streamlines functions from eCommerce through to the warehouse and shipping. OzLINK has created value for more than 10,000 customers in industries such as manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail and health care. Oz Development has unmatched expertise in integration and order management. OzLINK solutions include OzLINK Channel, OzLINK Mobile and OzLINK Shipping

OzLINK Shipping integrates a company's ERP/accounting and eCommerce applications to carrier shipping systems, supporting OnTrac and many other national carriers, Purolator and DHL Global Mail. With OzLINK Shipping you can:

»   Streamline your shipping process with real integration with you ERP, accouting or eCommerce applications
»   Automate production of branded customer e-mails confirmations and branded pack slips
»   OzLINK Shipping integrates to many ERP and eCommerce applications including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage 100, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento, Volusion, Epicor and Prophet 21
»   Incorporate advanced business rules, mode optimization and batch shipping

Pacejet is the leading cloud-based shipping software platform, helping businesses reduce costs by integrating their ERP systems directly with carriers for more efficient order fulfillment. Save time, reduce errors, cut shipping costs by managing parcel, freight, and 3PL shipping services in one multi-carrier software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

One user interface, integration to popular ERP/WMS/Ecommerce applications, freight quotes, rate shopping, packing, paperwork/labels, and more without multiple applications or websites. Only Pacejet delivers modern cloud technology with rapid deployment, continuous automatic upgrades, and an open RESTful API for real-time ERP and carrier integration.

SendSuite™ Shipping Solutions — Powerful Technology from the Market Leader in Mailstream Management. Pitney Bowes has the software, services and hardware for end-to-end mailstream solutions that integrate and optimize the flow of mail, documents and packages across a range of business operations.

PC Synergy PostalMate Logo

PostalMate® is an innovative desktop application designed especially for retail pack and ship centers. It’s a powerful yet easy to use multi-carrier shipping, point-of-sale and mailbox management system that is used in more independent centers—by far—than any other shipping system. PostalMate is a product of PC Synergy, Inc., which specializes in retail shipping automation and believes in great relationships with its customers.

Precision Software Logo

Precision Software, a division of QAD Inc., (NASDAQ: QADA) (NASDAQ: QADB), provides an industry-leading transportation and global trade management software solutions on a single, integrated platform. The Precision suite of products is designed with open architecture allowing for easy integration with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and other existing solutions to reduce transportation costs, avoid delays at border crossings and mitigate the risks associated with dynamic trading environments. Precision Software enables customers and partners in the life sciences, consumer packaged goods, electronics, retail, industrial products, food and beverage verticals and 3rd party logistics providers to meet their goals of better managing Logistics, and becoming more Effective Enterprises.

ProShip Logo

Neopost is the developer of ProShip® Shipping Software. The ProShip Software Suite is a tier one, enterprise class, multi-carrier shipping solution. ProShip Software is selected by Operations Managers most often because of speed, configurability and scalability. ProShip Software is chosen by IT Professionals because of ease of integration, open architecture, and extreme flexibility.

ProcessWeaver Logo

ProcessWeaver provides global enterprise multi-carrier centralized shipping-manifesting and global trade logistics solutions for SAP and non-SAP customers based on enterprise service oriented architecture (ESOA). ProcessWeaver solutions are SAP centric and deployed within SAP footprint, supporting SAP Business One, SAP All-In-One, SAP ERP, SAP TMS and SAP GTS suite of products. ECS non-SAP web based solution provides customers to perform the shipping process by eliminating the 3rd party systems.

ProcessWeaver shipping/manifesting solutions offers a new generation approach targeted to solve real business issue. We can make the difference in business process, technology and innovation.

RateLinx Logo

RateLinx is a supply chain technology & solutions provider for shippers focusing on optimization strategies and real-time analytics through advanced proprietary shipping and logistics software tools and professional services. Founded in 2002, RateLinx has experienced growth with the success of its manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail partners. The RateLinx Integrated Solution includes ShipLinx™ a multi-modal multi-carrier planning and execution tool fully certified with all small parcel carriers. Our focus is on Big Data Intelligence, Transportation Optimization and Sourcing Visibility. The Supply Chain Big Data Strategy leverages all shipment and invoice records to accurately predict future supply chain results and performance based on a wide variety of dynamic variables.

ShipJunction Logo

Reimagine fulfillment with ShipJunction. ShipJunction helps reduce your carrier shipping costs through their innovative ShipJunction Rate Manager which offers a suite of features allowing you to ship smarter and faster. Leverage money and time saving tools such as their comprehensive multi-carrier shipping portal and reporting suite, time in transit zone optimization and automatic shipping method selection just to name a few.

Also, improve the efficiency of your fulfillment workflow with ShipJunction Wave Manager. Through business process automation, many of the administrative steps required to pick, pack and ship are consolidated and automated. ShipJunction creates a much more streamlined, scalable and efficient fulfillment line.

ShipStation logo

ShipStation is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. With real-time integrations into more than 40 popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Sears, Etsy and Newegg, and shopping carts like Magento, Volusion, Shopify, and Big Commerce, ShipStation handles everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. Advanced customization features such as Automation Rules and Product Profiles allow ShipStation to fit businesses with any number of users or locations. As a cloud-based / SaaS software solution, ShipStation is compatible on both Mac and PCs through any web browser – from anywhere!

Shipworks logo

ShipWorks® is a multi-carrier shipping solution that helps online sellers ship more in less time by eliminating manual processes and automating post-sale tasks. With its cloud connectivity to over 40 marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and Yahoo! Stores, ShipWorks provides the speed and reliability of a desktop client with a single interface for processing orders originating from separate channels. ShipWorks includes unlimited filtering, workflow management, and rules based shipping automation capabilities that are flexible enough to meet the needs of the most demanding e-commerce business.

Batch process thousands of shipping labels (domestic and international) with a single click. Additionally, ShipWorks can automatically print packing slips, email customers, post back tracking information and shipment details to each sales channel, and much more.

ShipWorks keeps historical order and customer related information, acts as a hub for managing customer support inquiries, and can help create targeted marketing campaigns with its integrated CRM functionality.

Since 2002, ShipWorks has played a critical role in helping tens of thousands of companies streamline their daily operations and grow their businesses. ShipWorks has delivered creative, yet detailed solutions that have addressed growing e-commerce challenges by putting customers first and genuinely listening to their needs.

TransGuardian offers a multi-carrier shipping solution that will save 30% over single carrier systems, reduce labor, and improve your customers' experience. Our software can be web-based, downloadable, and/or integrated seamlessly via API with existing business systems and technologies.

It includes multi-carrier rating, routing, 3rd Party Insurance, in/out barcode scanning, single or batch shipping, proof of delivery, automated tracking/tracing, queued and parked shipments, Zone Skip, unique RMA solutions, reports, USPS SCAN Forms and FIRM Books, manifesting, invoice reconciliation, and customizable preferences. It is customizable and scalable. Available over multiple work stations, locations, or countries.


Gain efficiencies in shipping, accounts receivable and customer service. StarShip is multi-carrier shipping software that provides plug-and-play interfaces to many accounting/ERP applications including Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200, Sage MAS 500, Peachtree by Sage, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Exact Macola and Globe, Eclipse and more.

Get all these features in StarShip:
  • Seamless integration to orders/invoices eliminates re-keying data and costly shipping errors
  • Real-time freight and tracking updates streamline billing and customer service
  • Rate shop to compare OnTrac with national carriers and reduce freight spend
  • Enjoy further savings with third party parcel insurance

Varsity Logistics pioneered integrated, multi-carrier shipping solutions for the IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400) platfrom. Today, Varsity’s supply chain execution suite helps businesses of all sizes manage the full transportation spectrum of Parcel, Truckload, and LTL shipments.

Varsity improves shipping efficiency, eliminates manual errors, and reduces shipping costs. For seamless supply chain management, Varsity provides integration to all of the major IBM iSeries based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and order entry systems.

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